Male Enhancement Reviews: Epic Products & Buying Guide

Although many male enhancement reviews exist out there, they stink. Like a lousy news broadcast, they are filled with stupidity on many levels. It goes without saying that you might still be looking for a product in the male enhancement category that truly works.

We can help you out with this. And, we can coach you on how to pick the right product that works for you. When it comes to choosing a superior product right away, you can consider The Penis Enlargement Bible. Others are good too, so we will make you aware of them as well.

Male Enhancement Reviews: Best Products

  1. The Penis Enlargement Bible Review

Coming straight to the point; this is a 94-page e-book that includes several different methods and techniques on how to increase the length and width of one’s penis. That’s literally a kingdom of knowledge on a sensitive subject. According to the creator of The Penis Enlargement Bible, users can experience results in less than two months with zero intake of drugs by following the effective workouts and diet plan discussed in this legitimate guide. Size, confidence, and huge penis are the potential rewards from this guide. According to many male enhancement reviews, this guide is the ‘holy grail’ of penis growth. If you think that your penis is too small to excite a lady, you should consider yourself to be a suitable candidate for this product.

Product Highlights:

The creator of this guide, John Collins, is a sex educator by trade. The guide is based on his real experience. Years back, the author of this guide was in the same spot as you. Insecure about the size of his penis, he explains how he had grown tired of trying out just about every other male enhancement product in the market with lackluster results. Eventually, he figured out something that worked. Thus, this e-book was born. For those who don’t know, the e-book itself is divided into many sections to explain things in an easy manner. The first part of the guide touches on the subject of biology-based growth, which is supposed to stimulate the body’s natural processes for penis enlargement. The best part about this biochemical method is that it works for just about anyone out there.


-The e-book discusses natural procedures to increase penis size that can be performed by anyone in private.

The obtained results from the explained techniques are permanent in nature.

-This guide is said to be more informative and effective than other products in this domain.

-The techniques discussed in this guide will not only improve the size of one’s ‘little boy,’ but it will also improve one’s sex life in general.

Thousands of men have tried and tested this product. So, the product does enjoy good credibility in the market.

There are no reported side-effects from the penis enlargement programs discussed in the guide.

-The program comes with a 100% satisfaction commitment. Yes, there’s a 60-days cash return guarantee on the product.


There’s a lot of information covered in this guide. So, it might appear a little overwhelming for someone looking for a quick fix to the problem. 

  1. Penis Enlargement Remedy Review

Officially released in the year 2014, this product has been in the market for nearly five years. In this guide, the author, Tom Candow, discloses some cutting-edge secrets on how to increase the length and girth of one’s manhood. For those who don’t know, Tom is a renowned sex educator. He is also into sex consultancy and research work. He has wrapped up all his expertise into this 64-page e-book. His methods are all natural, safe, and effective with zero exaggerated claims. According to him, the results may vary from one person to another.

Product Highlights:

This e-book exposes porn-star secrets. Something that’s hardly discussed anywhere else. The guide will teach you how to increase the level of stem cells in your body and then deliver them to the penis for natural growth. So, the growth of the penis will be from a cellular level. Therefore, it won’t shrink in size afterwards. The penis that was once the object of shame could turn into an object of pride. It doesn’t matter if you are in your prime, forties, or later years of life, this penis enlargement remedy can help you out. That said, the best results can be obtained by men in their twenties.


-The person behind the product, Tom, has a wealth of information and experience in this field.

-Once you make the payment, you receive instant access to the downloadable e-book within no time.

-Other than the Penis Enlargement Remedy e-book itself, you also receive many bonuses that will teach you numerous sex secrets.

-The cellular growth concept involves natural stretching exercises along with the intake of two natural supplements.

-The results that you achieve from the cellular penis growth concept will be permanent.

-This guide comes with a 60-day money back offer. So, unhappy users can ask for a refund anytime within 2 months.


The author doesn’t inform users in advance that they will have to spend extra money on supplements for the guide to work for them, 

As you might already expect, this thing involves quite a bit of reading (64-pages) to know everything about penis growth.

  1. The Penis Master Review

The Penis Master is a completely natural online course. It consists of many natural exercises that can be performed anytime from the comforts of one’s home to gain a few inches of penis size. It helps with both enlarging and thickening a person’s penis to not feel like a loser in the bed. It claims to be the magic bullet that will help a person satisfy the women of his life like never before. Since the techniques shared by the author are 100% natural, a person won’t have any side effects from them. The best part is that the enhancement techniques truly work. Many of the male enhancement reviews come with the claim that this product can help a man become a sex icon for the opposite sex.

Product Highlights:

Rafael Cruz, the author of this guide provides step by step guidance, which makes it really easy to understand whatever the author is trying to convey. It also includes a series of videos that will literally handhold you to avoid mistakes while performing the enlargement exercises. The best part is that the exercises are extremely easy and pleasurable to do. Above all, it’s easily the most complete guide available in the market on this tight-lipped subject. Users are also given access to a ‘VIP membership area’ for personalized and tailored advice, just in case a person has any doubts lingering in his mind.


-It’s a 100% digital product that’s available in PDF format for an easy read on any given hour of the day.

-This guide will help you increase your penis size without any pills, surgery, or penis pumps.

-The exercises are geared to increase the size of one’s penis with total safety.

-This penis enlargement course offers a permanent solution for the sexual problem faced by men.

-This guide is free from all side effects, and it can offer positive results within a few weeks itself.

-Paying for the guide makes you automatically eligible for a lifetime VIP membership area.

-If you don’t like what you read, you can simply ask for your money to be returned anytime within 60-days.


-It’s not a miracle product. If you don’t follow the instructions, you won’t see any results.

-And, the results may vary. While your neighbor might gain an inch or two, you could have a very modest gain.

  1. Pe Supersizer Review

The Pe Supersizer is an online program created by Earl Anderson that educates you on how to enlarge the size of your penis by using your own hands. The interesting part over here is that you won’t have to spend more than five minutes per day to witness positive results down the road. So, you can literally forget about all the fancy penis enlargement gadgets and pumps that demand serious hard work. Offered in the form of a 94-page e-book, the techniques discussed by Early Anderson are completely natural and easy to perform. Moreover, they are backed by scientific research. According to the male enhancement reviews found across the web, significant gains can be experienced within 2 to 4 months.

Product Highlights:

This guide makes you understand the science behind penis enlargement. For instance, it tells you about specific hormones and biological reactions that can really do the trick for you. The guide combines natural exercises, nutrition, and effective supplements to re-stimulate the hormone secretion process and the chemical reactions to start penis enlargement. Apart from achieving a longer male organ, this guide will also be instrumental in improving your sex life. So, this natural and science-based way of penis growth can completely revolutionize your sex life and provide you with the confidence and security that you always wished for.


-The guide includes a collection of natural penis enlargement exercises that are safe to perform.

-Irrespective of what your current penis size is, you could benefit from this guide.

-The guide is written extremely well in a clear and concise manner, making it very easy to read and understand.

-It exposes users to some innocent errors that might be ruining their sex life for years.

-It restores confidence in men by helping them be in their best element in the bed.

-Fortunately, the size of your penis won’t shrink again once the effects wear off.

-Compared to other penis enlargement solution, this is an affordable penis enlargement solution.

-Many bonuses are offered upon payment that can improve your bedroom life.

-A 100% money return guarantee is offered on this guide for a period of full 60-days.


-This guide requires you to make some lifestyle changes. Eating healthier would be extremely challenging for some men.

  1. Legendary Enlargement Review

The Legendary Enlargement product is for those guys who have grown tired of their ‘cute’ little penis. This guide will introduce you to some simple steps that can bring about a 360-degree change in your life. Offered in the form of a digital product, it includes a three-phase technique that forces penis growth like nobody’s business. And, the approach is 100% safe and natural. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about a sex package delivered to your doorsteps. Everything is online. Upon payment, you get instant access to download the content onto any tech device of your choice.

Product Highlights:

This step-by-step guide is specifically designed to help you attain the growth that you have been always looking for to provide maximum pleasure to the women in your life. Penis growth aside, the guide also discloses proven ways on how to achieve a powerful erection and how to control ejaculations. This e-book has everything that you need to improve your sex life. Basically, this guide reveals all-natural secrets that will open the floodgates to be the boss in the bedroom like you were in the prime years of your life.


-It’s a comprehensive guide that teaches a person some natural and effective penis gain techniques.

-The focus is on 100% natural methods to boost the size and performance of one’s penis,

-It requires users to perform a series of activities, which usually do not take more than a few minutes per day.

-The results are rather fast and noticeable in comparison to other products that claim to do the same job.

-Aside from penis size gain, the guide also focuses on overall male-health improvement.

According to a host of male enhancement reviews, the gains are permanent.  

There’s zero financial risk involved from your end due to the 60-days money back guarantee.


The results are based on your own efforts. Unless you work, this guide is not going to work for you.

Male Enhancement Reviews| Buying Guide

This buying guide will tell you how to find the best rated male enhancement guide without being scammed in the process. So, let’s get started with our guide.

Proven Product

In your pursuit for the best male enhancement product, look for a guide that introduces you to male enhancement techniques or methods that are backed by scientific research. This way you can be sure that the disclosed strategies come with a proven track record. Keep in mind that the ones with little scientific support are doomed for failure. So, stay away from them.

Verified Reviews

We all know that reviews can influence a purchase decision, which is not really a bad thing. After all, male enhancement reviews from real users can tell us how well the product has worked for the masses. So, do check reviews from past users to gauge the product’s effectiveness to make your purchase count.

Author Background

Someone who has never tried his own strategies won’t be the right person to sell you the male enhancement product. So, do a little groundwork on the author’s history. If he has been in your shoes in the past, the chances are high that he will understand your pain. Of course, it would be great if the person has some certifications or professional experience in the field.

Natural Methods

Above everything else, the methods discussed in the guide should be completely natural and free from any side-effects. Keep in mind that resorting to unnatural penis growth exercises can cause permanent damage to your organ. Also, you should not try anything too vigorously to avoid harm to your penis. At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to exercise safely.

Easy Read

No matter how informative the guide is, it will lose its charm if it’s not laid out well. So, make it a point to check out the sales page of the shortlisted male enhancement product. If you are having a hard time reading everything that’s on the sales page, you can’t expect the guide to be any better. Ideally speaking, a good e-book should have video footages and diagrammatic explanations to benefit the users. And, it should not include tales for product promotion. It should contain actual methods.

Inflated Claims

One way to spot the bad apples in the male enhancement product category is to pay heed to the claims made by the author. If you are being told that your penis will miraculously double in size in a matter of few days or weeks, be prepared to move on from such a product. Logically speaking, nothing on earth can produce such massive gains in such a short period of time. In short, outrageous claims equals a failed product.

Harmful Pills

Changing your lifestyle and resorting to healthy eating is perfectly fine. Some guides do recommend the same for optimum penis enhancement. But, you shouldn’t resort to guides that promote the intake of unnatural pills for penis growth. Remember, slow progress is always better than resorting to harmful pills that can cause harm to your body in the near future. It’s totally not worth treating sexual problems with irregulated pills.

Time Taken

Since we all have our full-time jobs and other responsibilities to take care off, we cannot really afford to invest in a male enhancement guide that demands a lot of time from our daily lives. Given the time constraint, it helps to consider a product that recommends exercises that doesn’t take too much time from our routine. So, do pay attention to this minor detail before you reach out to your wallet.

Privacy Issue

All guides are not the same. Some guides may require you to invest in a sex tool to perform the exercises recommended in the guide, while others might require nothing at all. You will be able to perform all the exercises with your bare hands. If you cannot bear the embracement of a sex device delivered at your doorsteps, do not consider a product that requires you to invest in any sex tool. You would be better off with a guide that helps you do all the exercises in complete privacy by using your own hands.

Moneyback Guarantee

As a consumer, you should have the power to rely on the strength of cash back guarantee to safeguard your investment on the male enhancement product. Therefore, your best bet would be to consider a male enhancement product that comes with a money back guarantee. There’s no better way to have the economics in your favor.

Final Words:

The intent behind our male enhancement reviews was to steer you away from products that are nothing more than disrespectful pieces of shit. So, do comment below and let us know if you liked our cherrypicked products that are totally different from all the dodgy products out there.


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