Looking for comprehensive review on Penis Enlargement Bible? Read my review in which I expose some secrets that John Collins and other sites hiding from you.

Penis Enlargement Bible Reviews : Updated With My 12 WEEKS Personal Results! Secrets Revealed



Do you want to know how to increase penis naturally without using any pills, ‘miracle’ supplements, extenders or fancy pumps?

My In-depth PE Bible Review

Introducing Penis Enlargement Bible (the holy grail of penis enlargement) comes in a 94-pages PDF guide which is based on two-step method of penis growth. John Collins, creator of this guide revealed exact method he used himself to get 9.1” inches long penis. The average size of male penis is 6.5” inches, if you have penis shorter than this that means you have short penis.

If you’d asked me about penis enlargement few months ago, I would’ve not react that well. Because I was frustrated to see small penis inside my pants even after I used countless pills, pumps, stretcher and gadgets. I’ve wasted lots of money on these junk products without any success.

But, if you ask me about penis enlargement now, I am much happy to reply you now and it is all because of Penis Enlargement Bible. Unlike any other products, PE Bible teaches completely natural ways of increasing penis size in length as well as girth (width). This guide teaches you how to get MASSIVE growth in your penis by using your own hands and natural supplements.


When I decided to purchase this guide I research around about it but unfortunately, I did not find much in-depth information about it that’s why after getting increase in my penis size with this guide I decided to write my in-depth review on this guide. Below in the PE bible review you will discover inside look of Penis Enlargement Bible but for now let’s discuss its benefits.

Benefits of PE Bible:

Here are some benefits you will get from this guide:

  1. Biology Growth Method – During puberty, body releases certain biochemical which start the growth of penis but once the puberty end, the growth of biochemical reduces and growth of penis stops. PE bible teaches how to increase the growth of biochemical by using hands and low-cost natural supplements.
  2. Permanent Growth – Most of the penis enlargement products sold online or over-the-counter do not deliver results and some of them even hurt the penis badly. Stop wasting money on these products and apply John Collin’s 2-step method for permanent and safe growth
  3. Proven Method – John has sold over 4000+ copies of his method and each of them found increase in their penis. Some of them get results in just 14 days and some take longer to obtain results in 60 days. It’s all depends on lifestyle and if you are having healthy lifestyle, result will come quickly.
  4. Increase Penis length and Girth: The 2-step method technique helps your penis to grow 2-4” in length and also increase an inch in girth.
  5. Two-Step Method: Unlike other so-called ‘natural’ products that works differently for different people. Two-step method is the only penis enlargement technique which works for everyone in same manner. In first step you will provide nutrients in form of food and supplements to activate biochemical and in second-step you will use your hands to able your penis to gain more blood and hold it for longer period.

Inside-Look of John Collins Penis enlargement Bible:

PE Bible comes in an e-book format which is consists of 94-pages. All these 94-pages are very informative and I’ve not found any content filler in this guide. John Collins did great work by dividing all the information in 7 different chapters. So whats in all the 7 chapters? Read this PE bible review until end to learn full benefits of this bible for all penis problems.


These 7 chapters are:

  • Chapter I.i: Table of Importance
  • Chapter I.ii: Gain & Maintain a Hard, Sensitive Penis
  • Chapter II: Start Penis Growth
  • Chapter III: End Premature Ejaculation
  • Chapter IV: Increase Your Volume Control
  • Chapter V: Chinese Herbs
  • Chapter VI: Western Supplements
  • Chapter VII: Table of Reference

Detail Information:

Now going to explain what all the ebook has , in the detailed penis enlargement bible  bible review here chapter wise and how this is going to help.

Chapter I: Table of Importance and Gain & Maintain a Hard, Sensitive Penis:

In the first chapter of Penis Enlargement Bible, John describe list of important aspects of penis that are (listed in order of importance that give pleasure to your partner):

  • Penis Girth
  • Penis Length
  • Penis Hardness
  • Stamina/Ejaculation Control
  • An Upright Erection

All these five aspects are important for giving pleasure to your girlfriend, fiancée or wife. Further, in second part of this chapter John revealed techniques for increasing blood volume inside the penis and also revealed how to kick-start the production of DHT which is main biochemical that causes penis growth. At the end of this chapter you will discover list of vital nutrient for rock-hard erection.

Chapter II: Start Penis Growth:

In Chapter II, John Collins revealed three most important nutrients for penis growth and also described natural supplements that add loads of these three important nutrients. If you are serious about penis growth then without providing these three nutrients your penis will not increase does not matter how much exercise you do or what supplement you use.

The three nutrients explained by John Collins inside this program are only and best way for the growth of penis in healthy way. This chapter also reveals some important and effective exercises for penis growth and John provides penis enlargement exercise schedule which he used to increase his penis size and girth.

Chapter III: End Premature Ejaculation:

Third chapter discuss some facts and stats about Premature Ejaculation and also explained two factors that increasing the risk for premature ejaculation. At the end of this chapter John describe how to reduce the effects of these two factors and improve stamina and ejaculation control.

Chapter IV: Increase Your Ejaculate Volume:

This chapter is the shortest chapter of Penis Enlargement Bible but it is full of quality information. In this chapter John discussed a “surprising” substance that stops sperm from getting heavy and thick which improves ejaculate volume. In this chapter John mentioned two vital nutrients which he used to increase his sperm’s travel distance as well as amount travel to that distance.

Chapter V: Chinese Herbs:

Here’s my favorite chapter which revealed 20 vital Chinese herbs that contribute great in penis growth. John also explained healthy benefits of these Chinese herbs and how they work in making penis large and wider.

Chapter VI: Western Supplements:

Are you looking for supplements that increase your penis size and shape quickly? Look inside this chapter because here you find 7 important supplements that increase penis growth, make stronger erection and allow to you carry your girl on your penis and make her orgasm again and again.

Chapter VII: Table of Reference:

This chapter basically gives you quick-review of all minerals, nutrients and supplement John Collins explained in earlier chapters. This chapter has its own importance in term if you miss any information earlier you can quickly go though it from this chapter.

Does Penis Enlargement Bible work for everyone?

The answer to this query is yes, it does work for everyone because this guide focuses on increasing penis size by activating biochemical inside the body naturally. By using your hands and natural supplements the growth of penis will restart as you experienced in your puberty period. Tried to explain all the aspects I found useful & to my users in this full in depth PE bible review here. If you found any good points, let us know, so that we can add them here, to help our visitors.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this golden opportunity and increase your penis size which brings compliments from your girl’s mouth. After reading this PE bible review buy confidently , this product also comes with money back guarantee.


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